Panic Overdose

by Dead End Tragedy

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3rd Album


released February 1, 2016



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Dead End Tragedy Neunkirchen, Germany

Dead End Tragedy started in 2005. The first Demo EP came out in 2007 and was called “hatred is the reason to breath”. Their next CD was released by BDHW Rec. in april 2009 and was called “unpreventable”.
In a time of changes they recorded a couple of songs for a new release called "panic overdose".

Raphael came back in 2013.
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Track Name: Wreck Of Society
Wreck of Society

look at me i`m the wreck of society
no one cares about my head feels so empty
opened the door where the demons belong
just afraid not to find my way home

i´m not scared
we`re not scared to fight

i had to kill kill myself
to find my way back home
the demons stood all around
there is no way out

now i´m your victim
tonight i´m coming to get you

couldn´t sleep anymore
woke up with thirst
drowned into breakthroughs
i´ve had to waste my time
to love myself again

I had to kill
Track Name: Cold Identety
Cold Identity
cold and depressed
still the same pessimist
every day the same old shit
can`t live without these fucking pills

see people`s faces every day
they seem to burst
under the normal curse of life
they have lost their identity
they have lost their direction

it`s like a rope around my throat
i`m not alone with this
this suffocation won`t last until the end
this won`t last until the end
i will
escape my prison of mind
i will
break out to be alive
i know
find my own way through
this shit
was brought into being by you

what`s the reason to be alive
you know it deep
you know it deep inside
every one of us has failed at this
it`s too late for compensation
this will bring you back to reality

what`s the reason to be alive
should you take the gun or a knife
do you think pills heal your pain
does this life make you insane

so many reasons to be alive
forget the gun and the fucking knife
throw the fucking pills away
there is no insanity
Track Name: Unearth The Truth
Unearth the Truth
people are money minded
with no soul, with no love
people are frustrated
creating a murderous youth
the modern world
a sick sad world full of envy
full of hate
i can`t escape
i can`t escape from this
from this shit

the feelings get colder
to hands on your shoulder
this world will turn into stone
until disinterest is on the throne
no one will wake up
before he stands on his own

wake up clear up your mind
you live in a dream world
you`re trapped inside
a lost and fucked up lie
this is reality
this is your life

liberate myself this time
face the fucking demons
fight the devil inside
clear up my fucking mind
Track Name: Another Standard
Another Standard

we don`t live another standard
we won`t follow you
won`t imitate
what`s nothing new

ask yourself
if you`re not just reflection
of all those
you never wanted to be
this influence
always surrounds you
from your birth
to your fucking grave

to your fucking grave
stop counting your days
be the difference
this world never made
to your fucking grave
stop counting your days
be the difference
this world never made

i`m stuck in this movement
for so many years
we got the music
you fucking abuse it

you stand in my way
get the fuck off the stage
we`re in this for ourselves
not to get laid
you think you can judge
about things you don`t know
fucking go with the flow
we piss on your attitude

to your fucking grave
stop counting the days
be the difference
Track Name: Panic Overdose
Panic Overdose

this is my life i take it back
i start to think and i’m taking the first step
they manipulate our souls
this fucking world got its panic overdose

open your eyes and see things clear
make a change to forget your fucking fear
try to move on try to hold on
do what you gotta do you`ll find your way right through

this world is going down
the war is near you have to realize
an overdose of cold frustration
the end of all our civilization

take control of your mind
don`t care what they say start to realize
this is your last chance this is your life
start to think before you act and fight

tv is killing our souls
they keep on telling lies
slavery has just begun
they give a shit about us and our opinions
money is the only language they understand
but I will never fall again on my knees
i don’t want to be their fucking slave anymore
i start to think I start to grow

no i`m not that slave you think I am
i got my own opinion and go my way,
we’re gonna fight until we die
Track Name: For The Ones We Have Lost
The ones we have lost

every time looking up to the stars
i see your light that shows me my way
i remember all the good times in the past
you are always in my heart

i`ll never forget i´ll never forget what you did to me
this one`s for you this is for the ones for the ones
we have lost

silence totally nothing pieces of glass
you can`t understand you can´t believe
everything seems so unreal

yes I know what you feel I was in the same situation
i have lost my father he was everything for me
despair hatred frustration you can`t believe that
but its true

when you look around you see him everywhere
you`re missing him you ask yourself why
he was taken up to the sky

this is for the ones we have lost
you are always in our heart
this is for the ones we have lost
this is for the ones we have lost
never forget

i know it`s hard
to feel this loss
just take my hand
i`ll go that way with you
for the ones we have lost
we won`t forget
they will always stay in our heart
Track Name: Pushed Too Far
Push it too far

gotta push it too far
got to lose control
too much of this shit
blood drips from my nose
i can`t sleep for days
see only emptiness
feel no happiness
living way too fast
dont wanna die too young
getting sick of it
but i don`t quit
my soul is dead
my mind is weak
my body weeps
from all the sweat
nothings left in my head

lowest of the low
emptiness fucking your life
start to lose all hope
nothing is left on your mind
stop to waste your time
stop to fucking hide

another hour
gone by fucking senseless
another lifetime that will never come back
it seems that no one
could help you to make it
ain`t got no drive
to live a great life

another picture
of a fucking deadbeat
another way you never wanted to be
the only person
that can help me trough this
in the end
would be fucking me
Track Name: Taking Back
Taking Back
taking back
nothing nothing can stop this
no mercy no forgiveness
every day is a fucking disease
never ending sickness
take it or leave it
only grow up
with a stressed out mind

this life won`t be a competition
i`m gonna take take my fucking life back
watch me rise

when my time is running out
look back to my life
i shouldn`t want to change a thing
i just want
i just wanna make myself proud
just close my eyes with satisfaction
don`t count the days you have left
use this moment to
to do your best

taking back
taking back
taking back my life

no one tells me what I should do
you soulless motherfuckers
standing in the range of my clenched fist
i will blaze my trail
all the way through
i`m gonna show you who I am
gonna take my life in my own hands
in my own hands
Track Name: Payoff
standing alone with no one
on my side
hated by everyone
but still standing my ground

hated by everyone punched every day
nobody likes me
don`t step back defend yourself
they are your enemies

now it`s time to rise
stronger than ever and cold as ice
you don`t know you don`t know this boy
he fights back with his will to destroy
he tells it to your face he beats it to your face
he still gives a fuck and he`ll always find his way
his words are his munitions his fist is his weapon
vision of death better take your final breath

look at me now
i will never surrender
raising my fist up to the sky
this is my anthem
i scream out to the world
i`m sure you will hear it
there is no fucking doubt

this is my payoff
i will show you what you`ve done
remind you of your acts
you will have the worst flashback

this is my payoff